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  • Yasawa Secondary School


March 26, 2021

Nanuya Island Resort has always had a firm focus on assisting and developing cultural and societal elements of life for all the residents and villages throughout the Yasawa Islands.

Yasawa Secondary School last participated in the School Athletics programme in 2018 and for various reasons – mainly financial - had not competed since.

Enter Nanuya Island Resort!

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  • Helping the community


March 22, 2021

The owners, management and staff of Nanuya Island Resort remain committed to improving and enhancing the lifestyle and quality of village life for residents of the Yasawa Islands – even during these difficult times.

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  • Care Fiji Committment

We've Got Your Health Covered

March 11, 2021

Thinking of visiting the fabled Yasawa Islands of Fiji once International borders are raised?

We’re the perfect spot for you.

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  • Blue Lagoon transfer

Nanuya Island Resort launches its own transfer service

February 4, 2021

Nanuya Island Resort and the fabled Yasawa Islands of Fiji are only accessible by seaplane or boat, and with the Covid 19 pandemic causing major issues with transportation globally – we have also been affected.

Flights are grounded and the regular service has been curtailed meaning it has become extremely difficult for guests to get to our special piece of paradise.

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  • Bula

We're back in the BULA Business

May 18, 2020

Nanuya Island Resort and our sister property Boathouse Nanuya, like thousands of other resorts, hotels and properties around the world and even our very own Fijian Islands, have been seriously affected by the restrictions applied because of the Corona Virus.

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  • General Store

Nanuya BulaTin

April 27, 2020

Update on Resort Operation due to Coronavirus and Cyclone Harold

Unfortunately due to the worldwide restrictions on air travel and Fiji's own border control due to COVID-19, we have had to temporarily close the doors at Nanuya Island Resort. 

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  • Christmas Celebrations at Nanuya


December 25, 2019

Christmas is a special time at Nanuya Island Resort in the Yasawa Islands….and 2019 was no different!

Every year as part of the preparations for Christmas, invitations are sent to owners, managers, staff and friends to attend a very unique Christmas Party.

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  • Fijian Culture

GOOD G…..REEF! Nanuya Island Resort Creates History.

August 15, 2019

Thursday 1st August 2019 wasn’t just another sunny day in the Yasawa Islands, Fiji!

In fact, it was a day of significant cultural and environmental importance.

For the first time in Fiji, the Government, the Vanua, villages AND a tourism resort had gotten together to formerly approve and celebrate the announcement of the Nanuya Marine Reserve.

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