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Vacination programe

August 26, 2021


That should be our slogan for the Yasawa Islands vaccine campaign!

We at Nanuya Island are dedicated to supporting the peoples, the cultures and the environment within our area – the beautiful Yasawa Islands.

Of course, our priority on any given day, is to provide a quality experience to overseas and local guests who choose to stay with us BUT an overriding strategy is to maintain and service the region ins which we live.

The global spread of Covid 19 has decimated the tourism opportunities here in the Yasawa Islands and has accordingly effected the livelihoods and health of both our staff, their families and the villagers adjacent to our Island Home. The owners, management and staff at Nanuya have, during the lack of tourists, been focused on ensuring life can go on as normal as possible – and in a very important way – this means vaccinating the population as a priority.

Accordingly, Nanuya Island Resort staff were some of the first in the Yasawa's to be vacinated back in April, and when it came time for their familys to be vacinated Nanuya Island Resort  stepped up and volunteered staff and the use of their Transfer Boat – the Blue Lagoon Express – to enable doctors, nurses and medical staff to visit and vaccinate as many people as possible.

In association with Dr. Sid of the Nacula Health Centre on nearby Nacula Island, along with our very own General Manager, Akuila Kula, the Yasawa Islands has enjoyed an amazingly successful vaccination campaign.

A great example of this team effort and the support from Nanuya Island is the village of Teci, a short boat ride north of the Resort. Our mission was to reach and vaccinate all 43 residents above 18 years of age. The result ALL 43 received their first jab with four residents attended to in their homes due to age or illness.

Tui Teci (Cheif of Teci) was the first to step up and receive his vaccination, followed by Village Heads, leaders and families.

This is an amazing achievement. The first and only village in the Northern Yasawa Islands to be fully vaccinated. All 43 residents will receive their final vaccination on 30th September.

Acknowledgments from Tui Teci were specifically directed towards Nanuya’s owners, Val and Ivan Parker, who have continued to support the village of Teci for many years.

Nanuya Island Resort looks forward to welcoming guests, staff and local villagers – all fully vaccinated – when the borders reopen and we can again display our Yasawa Islands friendship and charm to everyone.


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