Helping the community

March 22, 2021

The owners, management and staff of Nanuya Island Resort remain committed to improving and enhancing the lifestyle and quality of village life for residents of the Yasawa Islands – even during these difficult times.

In association with our valued partner, Vinaka Fiji and philanthropist, Giffney Dwain Ah Tong, Nanuya Island Resort has been actively involved in the supply and logistics behind the supply of 1,000 wood burning efficient stoves to deserving communities across the Yasawa Islands.

The project requires a great amount of logistical planning and expertise from delivery to training – Nanuya Island Resort has also provided accommodation for the Project Team Members, as well as the freight commitment to deliver the ovens from the mainland (Lautoka) to the outlying areas and villages of the Yasawa.

The project ultimately requires for at least 1,000 local women to be trained in the use of the ovens, spread across 19 communities. This work (and the ongoing maintenance of the ovens) will continue long after the first phase has been completed.

Our commitment to improving the comforts and societal elements of island life in the Yasawas continues to expand and our alliance with Vinaka Fiji will ensure these sorts of co-operation between Nanuya Island Resort and our local communities will continue.

When you visit us at Nanuya Island resort, rest assured that you too, through your spending both at the resort and the villages, will be doing something of value to our family and the villages of the Yasawa.

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