At Nanuya Island Resort, we have developed our operation around two primary areas of focus.

Of course, we want to provide a memorable, safe, relaxing and experiential vacation or holiday in the beautiful and unspoiled Yasawa Islands BUT we also are committed to protecting and preserving that very same environment with strong and lasting sustainability and ECO principals. It is our intention to leave a minimal footprint on the ecology, culture and eco-system, other than your footprints in the sand!

In keeping with this philosophy, we buy almost everything from the local population. We purchase fish and seafood only from the area and NOT from the mainland like other resorts. Our menu is never fixed and is based on the day’s supply from nearby villages including lobster, eggs and seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Nanuya Island Resort is self sufficient and of the 10 acres upon which the resort stands, 6 are farmed and cultivated. Much of what appears on our dining tables, comes directly from our very own resort plantation, with 10 local gardeners fully employed to maintain the crops and the gardens.

Approximately 15,000 litres of sea water is desalinated daily using the latest in technology, while unused bottles are crushed and used in construction around the resort. Nothing goes to waste at Nanuya Island Resort.

Solar is an integral part of the daily Nanuya Island Resort operation. Our 260 solar panels provide power to all 17 accommodation options as well as the kitchen, restaurant, spa and staff quarters. Installation has not only helped the environment but has also resulted in an 80% drop in reliance upon diesel consumption.

Solar water heating systems are used to warm domestic water, offsetting the cost of gas and electric heaters. This system is installed in all our villas.

Environmental protection is also a major focus with special attention to the re-planting of coral reefs off shore – damage caused through hurricane impact. We actively encourage our guests to participate with the trained staff on coral re-planting expeditions. Our new coral farm is very healthy and as a result the reef in front of the resort is continually growing.

The Crested Iguana and its ongoing survival is another focus here at Nanuya Island Resort. Due to bushfires and other intrusions, these creatures are extremely rare on the island, other than around the resort. Due to careful and planned protection, a wealth of foliage and food from our planned development, the Crested Iguana thrives and we look forward to showing you our little friends when you visit.

Nanuya Island Resort is more than a feeling – it’s an experience!

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