• Blue Lagoon, Yasawa Islands, Fiji


Blue Lagoon, Yasawa Islands, Fiji

May 9, 2019

If we told you that the fabled Blue Lagoon sits right off the beach from Nanuya Island Resort, would you believe us?

Maybe, maybe not – because every resort in our area of the Yasawa Islands, says the same thing!

Well, we can legitimately make the claim – and we have the evidence to prove it.  In 1980, a film crew arrived on the island of Nanuya Lailai to commence filming of a movie called Blue Lagoon. It starred Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins and as we all know now, was a massive success.

Each week Nanuya Island Resort screens the movie with the blue lagoon as our backdrop.  Imagine dining and relaxing in the very location where the film was shot.

If you watch the movie, you’ll see a number of scenes that show a wide curving sandy beach. Of course, in those days it was pristine and virtually untouched. This beach stretches from what we now call Blue Lagoon Point down to another point on which sits Nanuya Island Resort.

The iguanas featured in the movie still call Nanuya Island Resort home (if you’re lucky enough to spot one in the green foliage).

Other resorts must bring their guests to Blue Lagoon Point by boat – while our guests merely take a leisurely 15 minute stroll along the sand, equipped with snorkel and flippers – to enjoy this magical location.

Let’s be honest: all of the Yasawa Islands is one big Blue Lagoon BUT here at Nanuya Island Resort we are home to where much of the movie was shot.

While at Nanuya Island Resort make sure you take the opportunity to do a coral planting tour and explore one of the pristine and unspoiled coral reefs that surround the resort.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Blue Lagoon when you visit the Yasawa Islands.

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