Nanuya Island Resort working hard to protect our underwater treasure

Saving our reef

April 19, 2018

The Yasawa Islands of Fiji, is blessed with some stunningly beautiful coral reefs but is, as are many similar areas around the world, in a battle to preserve these awesome natural wonders.

The effects of human population growth, increasingly warming waters in tropical oceans and the ever-present threat by the Crown of Thorns starfish, means our local reefs off Nanuya Island Resort have been damaged and are continually suffering from the ravages of both a natural and modern world.

At Nanuya Island Resort, we have our own ‘Environmental Warriors’! They are Moses and Arthur you’ll find both in the activities area down near The Boathouse.

Like all Fijians, the boys have a love of the ocean, and recognise that much of the Fijian lifestyle relies on the bounty from the sea and of course, keeping the waters around the Yasawa Islands as pristine as possible.

Arthur has almost single-handedly removed most of the Crown of Thorns starfish from the nearby reefs surrounding Nanuya Island Resort and Moses has embarked on a mission to reinvigorate, regrow and revitalise these reefs! On his free days you will find Moses diving on the reefs, replanting and tending to his own private garden – Nanuya’s off shore reefs.  Take a look at the attached video of Moses taking part in a coral harvesting documentary for the BBC

If you’re an experienced snorkeler or a good swimmer, you can accompany Moses on one of his reef saving trips. He’ll explain what he’s doing, why he’s doing it and even let you dive with him to explore and witness his efforts. Just enquire at the Activities Desk and our friendly crew will be only too happy to assist.

…and if you see Mo and Arthur as you wander around the Resort, make sure you say ‘Bula Vinaka’ and thank them for the great job they do.

At Nanuya Island Resort, we’re all about protecting our precious environment and Mo & Arthur are most definitely part of that.


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