GOOD G…..REEF! Nanuya Island Resort Creates History.

Fijian Culture

August 15, 2019

Thursday 1st August 2019 wasn’t just another sunny day in the Yasawa Islands, Fiji!

In fact, it was a day of significant cultural and environmental importance.

For the first time in Fiji, the Government, the Vanua, villages AND a tourism resort had gotten together to formerly approve and celebrate the announcement of the Nanuya Marine Reserve.

The day included song, dance and of course a very traditional opening ceremony – attended by all the Chiefs from surrounding villages. All had a say in the creation of the Marine Reserve and all remain positive and supportive of the aims to refresh, revitalise and regrow the coral reef areas that stretch from Blue Lagoon Point to Nanuya Island Resort Point.

Speeches from most of the Chiefs and dignitaries stressed the importance and sanctity of the reserve. No more fishing will be allowed in the area which will enhance the appeal and purity of the newly emerging coral reef areas. Giant clam farms have also been relocated to the area with further plans to improve the natural state of the environment.

The Marine Reserve is a joint effort by all concerned but would not have happened without the active support and lobbying by Vinaka Fiji who spend a lot of time in the area with small groups of youths and adults contributing to the ‘saving’ of the reef and its creatures.

Nanuya Island Resort and its sister property Boathouse Nanuya, host these friendly and dedicated guests every year – it is always a privilege to witness the work they do on our doorstep.

A great day was had by all – and the Nanuya guests who just happened to be staying with us on the day, experienced something very special – a once in a lifetime event that truly showcased the awesome culture and traditions of the Yasawa people.

Nanuya invites and welcomes future guests to stay and witness the growth of the Nanuya Marine Reserve.

We know you’ll love it.


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