Temporary Closure

  • Unfortunately due to the worldwide restrictions on air travel and Fiji's own boarder control due to COVID-19, we have had to temporarily close the doors at Nanuya Island Resort.  Our Nanuya family look forward to welcoming you back just as soon as the boats & planes allow. 


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    A Very special Bula tin

    from Nanuya 


    Things are different all over the world and certainly we at Nanuya Island Resort are no exception.

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we like all of our neighbour resorts, are currently closed down, pending getting the all clear to once again, start showing off our little piece of Paradise.

    Life goes on here at Nanuya Island Resort, albeit, a little differently.

    Ivan still spends most of his time on his beloved plantation. Crops are still growing and ripening every day. 

    A skeleton staff of management and maintenance staff are on site to keep everything clean, tidy and operational to ensure we will be ready to ‘spring back’ into action in the future.

    Our General Store has had unfortunately been forced to close due to our inability to restock from the mainland. This impacts not only on our staff on hand but also the many villagers who rely on the shop for essential items and supplies.

    We do however have a few guests!

    Around fifteen of our very loyal staff found themselves unable to get transport back to their homes etc on other islands or the mainland, SO they are enjoying the comforts of Nanuya Island Resort from a totally different perspective!

    We will continue to maintain operation and ensure everything is in readiness for when both new guests and our loyal ‘returnee’ market can again find peace and tranquillity here in the Yasawa Islands of Fiji and more specifically, Nanuya Island Resort.

    On behalf of Val and Ivan, the owners of Nanuya Island Resort, our Management Team spread across Fiji and the world- AND our staff both onsite and elsewhere, we trust you all stay safe and remain well during these difficult times.

    We can’t wait to welcome you back to our Island Home, with our famous Bula song and a special Nanuya Cocktail, when once again we get to stand on the sand and offer you our traditional greeting.

    Vinaka from your Nanuya family XXX


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